Comprehensive sinus evaluation

A variety of medical conditions can cause symptoms that might seem like sinus related symptomatology. As examples, environmental allergies, viral upper respiratory tract infections, various headache and facial pain syndromes can all lead to symptoms that might suggest a diagnosis of sinusitis.

Through a comprehensive sinus evaluation we can hone in on the true cause of a patient’s symptoms to determine if the symptoms truly are being caused by the sinuses and if so, to determine the optimum treatment regimen.

The initial patient evaluation will include a detailed understanding of the patient’s symptoms and a thorough physical examination, including a nasal endoscopy. Depending on the scenario, endoscope guided cultures or biopsies may be obtained. Specialized blood testing may be ordered, an evaluation for environmental allergies may be recommended. Sometimes radiologic imaging of the sinuses, as with CT scan, may be necessary to further evaluate the condition of the sinuses. With a full understanding of the condition of the sinuses a successful treatment regimen can usually be instituted. Most patients’ sinus problems can be alleviated without the need for surgery. However, some patients do not receive adequate relief from medical therapies alone and may be candidates for consideration of sinus surgery.

Dr. Burnett will discuss with you in detail the results of your tests and fully explain the treatment plan.